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Video Wall technology takes off at Auckland Airport

When APN Outdoor, a leading media operator, was tasked with supplying a pair of 20 screen Video Walls at Auckland Airport, the company turned to its trusted AV and digital signage solutions partner, VideoPro NZ. Like increasing numbers of digital signage companies across the world, VideoPro NZ opts to use Datapath display wall controller and distribution amplifier technology to ensure the delivery of projects with complete customer satisfaction.

“APN Outdoor approached us as we had worked with them before on other successful airport-based Video Wall projects,” explains Mike McGrath, Product Manager at VideoPro NZ. “The brief we were given was for two standard 6x3 metre Video Wall solutions.”

VideoPro NZ put forward an LG 55 LV77A Video Wall display with a Chief ConnexSys mounting system. “We proposed to design the configuration in brickwork style, off-centre, using a pair of 5x4 video walls, each delivering 3840x2160 resolution,” says Mr McGrath.

“Each Video Wall is driven by a 4k signage player, a Datapath dL8 distribution amplifier and four Datapath x4 display wall controllers. We chose the Datapath dL8 and x4 for their ease of use and flexibility.”The system offers a good degree of future-proofing as more Datapath x4 display wall controllers can be easily added to the solution to facilitate expansion. This is because there are three outputs that remain unused on each dL8.

The Datapath dL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier for ultra high resolution dual-link DVI signals. It provides a programmable, flexible and low cost solution for any video wall display. When used in conjunction with up to eight Datapath x4 display wall controllers (which accept a standard single or dual link DVI input), the dL8 can support up to 32 screen video walls.“The installation and set-up process took three days to complete,” says Mr McGrath. “Ultimately we have helped deliver an eye-catching, out-of-box solution that enables APN Outdoor to super-sell their advertising options to customers.” A spokesperson for APN Outdoor says: “Agencies like the concept and see great value in the design and visual impact it has on travellers coming into the arrivals area at Auckland International Airport. One of the challenges is content creation for the stepped format, but we’re currently in the process of trying to simplify this process for our clients. The easier it is for creative agency’s to design content, the better.”

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