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The Role of Audio Visual Technology in Control Rooms

Matthew Tibbitt, Product Manager, Datapath, talks about the importance of professional audio visual technology in control rooms… 

Awareness of how audio visual (AV) solutions can help consolidate control room operations, improve team collaboration and increase situational awareness for operators, is emerging, but is still a critical shortage in the industry. 

Most control rooms are built around a number of specific applications, typically from a single systems vendor for a particular type of operation, which serve as the core application(s) across the overall operation. Often, other complimentary data sources need to be monitored and controlled alongside these core applications such as CCTV cameras, web pages, TV feeds, and other external third party systems. These bring a variety of technical, commercial, and legal hurdles to overcome to enable integration in the control room. 

A consolidated, centralized AV solution makes it easy for control room operators to view and interact with a variety of data sources and IT systems, from multiple vendors, and provides a consolidated platform that’s easy to manage, maintain, and which can evolve over time. 

Matthew Tibbitt, Product Manager, Datapath

How are control rooms meeting the challenges of proliferating volumes and sources of data? 

Consolidation of control room operations is happening both functionally and geographically. Where separate, smaller control rooms are being brought together into a single, centralized control room for improved communication and collaboration. 

Due to this, challenges arise around how to migrate, organise, and control all of the data sources required for each function. There are still huge challenges around how critical information is made available to operators in and out of the control room. As the data volume increases, solutions like Aetria are needed to help operators make sense of it.  With Aetria, sources can be distributed to where they are needed throughout the control room environment. This allows operators access to the right information at the right time so they can take appropriate action. 

An example of this consolidation is in airports, where the amalgamation of emergency services, baggage handling, immigration, flight control, and other operations are being combined into a central Airport Operations Centre. Similar activities are happening in the power utilities sector, for electrical generation & distribution, oil and gas production facilities, and rail traffic management. 

With the rise of data – how can pro-AV assist? 

Pro-AV solutions are playing an increasing role in enabling the visibility of ever-increasing data sources that require monitoring and action. Whilst the integration of applications enables better data visibility, the growth in requirements would be impossible to manage without the increased use of large-scale distribution and visualisation systems, such as our Aetria solution.

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