Airport Control Center

Each day across the world, thousands of aircraft are navigating through the skies assisted by personnel operating from within an airport control room centre. Its fundamental responsibility is to ensure the safety of all aircraft flying within its airspace.

Wide variety of sources and data

The airport control center is the central facility of any airport and is crucial in ensuring all personnel are working together to support the operation. Control room operations within this environment need to have access to a wide variety of sources and data, that needs to be processed and monitored in real-time.  

To meet the increasingly complex challenges within this environment, Datapath have developed Aetria, a highly scalable control room solution that provides centralized management of all data, sources, video walls, and workstations.  

Fast Response

Critical decisions are based on the latest information available, Aetria gives operators instant access to sources to enable swift response and minimize operational risk.  


Collaboration and communication are vital to maintaining the operation within a control room. Aetria provides a central interface for all configuration and control, bringing numerous benefits to efficiency, reliability, and the ability for full and fluid collaboration.  

Operators can instantly send relevant information to video walls for team-wide viewing, collaborative review, and decision making. 


Aetria provides a scalable platform that is easy to expand as more capacity is required. Video walls, workstations, sources and screens can all be added and integrated into the wider system over time. 

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