Network Operations Centers

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) deliver centralized monitoring, management and control of computer, telecommunications, and satellite networks. The Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a first line of defense against any intrusion, disruption, or service issues. 24/7 operations ensures that when issues occur, resolution time is minimized to enable maximum service availability for users or subscribers connected to the network.

Wide variety of sources and data

Within a NOC environment, operators need instant access to a wide variety of sources and data. It’s crucial that data is distributed and shared effectively and quickly in order to manage typical day-to-day activities such as monitoring network traffic and troubleshooting.

To ensure operators have real-time access to the information they need within this environment, Datapath have developed Aetria, a highly scalable control room solution that provides centralized management of all data, sources, video walls, and workstations. 


Fast Response

Crucial decisions are based on information available, so it makes absolute sense to make these decisions with as much relevant information as possible, whether that’s from camera feeds, news sources or other dedicated information sources.

Through Aetria, issues and incidents, whether minor or major, can be alleviated and controlled by operators and remote personnel promptly, minimizing service disruption and network down time. 

Collaborate and Escalate

When required, operators can send sources directly to any connected video wall for wider team viewing and collaboration. This ensures all parties have relevant, timely information, resulting in quicker response times, better informed decisions, and enhanced collaborative working. 

Scalable management center

Control rooms that work today may need to adapt to meet future needs. Aetria provides a scalable platform that is easy to expand as more capacity is required. Video walls, workstations, sources and screens can be added and integrated into the wider system over time.

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