Oil & Gas Processes

Oil and gas is a multifaceted and complex industry, with many operational segments, whether that be in reservoirs and wells, drilling, transportation, or product refinement, a control room is an integral component across all these operations. Acting as a central facility to manage and monitor end-to-end processes, capturing and monitoring various forms of visual data on video walls and workstations.

Wide variety of sources and data

Across the operation, Control Room Operators need access to a wide variety of sources and data. From processing units and valves on an offshore petroleum production vessel monitoring underground pipelines, to the transportation of the product on tankers and trucks. 

To meet the increasingly complex challenges within this environment, Datapath have developed Aetria, a highly scalable control room solution that provides centralized management of all data, sources, video walls, and workstations. 

Fast Response

The quality and speed of information is crucial for situational awareness and decision-making. 

Access live data from a variety of sources including cameras, sensors, and media streams. Use simple but efficient workstation tools to view information and take immediate appropriate action. 


When required, operators can send sources directly to any connected video wall for wider team viewing and collaboration. This ensures all parties have relevant, timely information, resulting in quicker response times, better informed decisions, and enhanced collaborative working. 


Control rooms that work today may need expanding to meet future needs. Aetria provides a scalable platform that is easy to expand as more capacity is required. Video walls, workstations, sources and screens can all be added and integrated into the wider system over time. 

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