Security Operation Centers

A security operation center (SOC) primary focus is to monitor and analyze an organizations security on an ongoing basis, proactively mitigating risk to maximize operational continuity. A SOC is typically a centralized location within an organization where teams of analysts and engineers monitor activity on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications and other systems to identify anomalies that may pose a security threat. The challenge for SOC teams is to ensure these anomalies are identified, reported, investigated and resolved as quickly as possible with minimal impact to the organization.

Complex monitoring with simple tools

To minimize exposure and protect the organization, a comprehensive solution is required to detect anomalies in real-time. Datapath’s centralized control room solution, Aetria, allows integrators to design and configure SOC deployments, and provides intuitive tools for SOC analysts to monitor and control any information source from a single interface. 


Fast Response

During a security threat or breach, the SOC needs to react and respond quickly to minimize the impact to the organization. However quick this response may be, it will only be as good as the speed in which the visual information is presented to the operators. This is where Aetria is perfectly suited. Aetria provides a central interface for all monitoring and control, allowing issues to be rectified as quickly as possible.

Collaborate and Escalate

SOC teams often need to work together to identify and resolve issues. With Aetria, analysts can quickly share any information with any connected video, allowing instant viewing and collaboration on any source.


Information can be sent to large video walls for wider team viewing, or to video walls in other areas such as a crisis room for management escalation and review.

Scalable management center

Build a control room that has the capabilities you need today, with the flexibility to expand to meet your future needs.

Aetria provides a flexible platform where new video walls, operator workstations and information sources can be added as and when required, providing a scalability to grow with your organization’s needs.

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