Traffic Management Centers

Our cities and the traffic within them are constantly growing. This puts increased pressure to effectively monitor and manage congestion, route emergency services, and re-direct road-users and pedestrians in the event of accidents, keeping travel across the city safe and efficient. Being able to transform any video wall display, instantly, for different situations is now standard practice in traffic management centers, and to meet these needs and beyond, Datapath have developed technology that is perfectly suited for control rooms.

Centralized monitoring of city-wide sources

To manage the flow of traffic efficiently,  traffic management centers need to monitor roads, signals, intersections, and crossings, all in real-time to deploy congestion reduction strategies, reduce accidents, and save travellers’ time. This often involves the live monitoring of hundreds of data sources, from CCTV cameras, maps, public transport monitoring systems and smart motorways, to weather forecasts and news feeds. 

The organization, management, and display of all these sources is vital to ensure it is all observed, processed, and actioned as quickly as possible.

To meet the growing complexities in this environment,  Datapath’s fully integrated control room solution, Aetria, and is able to design, manage and monitor entire systems from one single interface.


Fast Response

Crucial decisions are based on information available, so it makes absolute sense to make these decisions with as much relevant information as possible, whether that’s from camera feeds, news sources or other dedicated information sources.

Access live data from a variety of sources including road cameras, sensors, and media streams. Use simple but efficient workstation tools to view information and take appropriate action, including sending sources to video walls for room-wide viewing.

Collaborate and Escalate

The number of sources and feeds coming into a traffic management center are plentiful. With the need to share content to the right people across numerous displays and workstations, the challenges are significant. 

Aetria ensures all necessary personnel have access to relevant information with team-wide viewing enabled across video walls and workstations. Operators can send and receive sources to supervisors/managers, allowing for quick escalation.

Scalable management center

Installed solutions that work today may need expanding in future. Build a center that has the capacity and flexibility to meet your future needs.

Due to it’s flexible nature, complete scalability and intuitive interface, an Aetria control room solution is an ideal fit for a traffic management center.

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