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Control Room Solutions

Why choose Datapath?

Today’s control rooms are more complex than ever before. Solutions need to balance managing the increasing quantities of information sources, content and data, with maintaining total reliability and usability for the operator.

Being able to transform any video wall display, instantly, for different emergency situations is now standard practice in many mission-critical and emergency control rooms. Datapath are able to help operators overcome any challenges that now exist in control room environments.

This is where Datapath's Aetria comes in.


Choose Aetria for a complete Control Room Solution

Developed for the most challenging and complex applications, Aetria makes life easier for control room operators

The intuitive user interface and software ensures operators focus on their core objectives, rather than how to make the technology work. It enables them with greater efficiency and focus, essential in mission critical environments.

Monitor and manage data like never before. Real-time insights, high quality visuals and collaborative tools at your fingertips. This is the future of control room solutions.

Discover and learn about the key considerations for a successful control room

How does Aetria work?

How does an Aetria control room work?

Datapath is able to provide complete control rooms solutions through the Aetria platform. A range of software and hardware components can be configured by any control room solutions provider to create a custom environment fit for your requirement. These include:

The dedicated design software that makes it easy to create, review and approve system design at any time, from anywhere.

A centralised interface for control room solutions providers to design, manage and operate their control room solutions.

Control room operators gain the flexibility to organize, view and control multiple sources on their local workstation screens, alongside their local applications, in real time.

Provided pre-configured with the Aetria Command Centre software, this is the easiest way to set up and manage your control room solution.

Utilising the Datapath VSN controllers, you’re able to effortlessly connect large multi-screen video walls into the Aetria system.