Datapath add to NEC Showcase experience

NEC Showcase Experience

Datapath look forward to returning to London’s Bloomsbury Square to support this year’s NEC Showcase on May 16th-17th.

Famed for its experiential approach, this year will see the NEC Showcase evolving, presenting the future of display solutions with fresh new experiences.

Throughout your working day from your grab & go coffee as you board the train to your customer meetings, you experience a series of engagements. NEC Showcase LIVE recreates this daily journey, enhancing these engagements through technology.

Datapath solutions can be found in the ‘bus stop’ part of this journey, where a VSNMicro 600 will be powering a 4×3 video wall with a WallControl 10 demonstration. In addition, the bus stop will also feature a 1×3 creative signage wall powered by an Fx4 controller.

Towards the end of the tour, visitors can experience a VR area with a 4×4 video wall showing visuals of the virtual world in which the user is immersed – all powered by Datapath hardware.

NEC Showcase Video Wall

Datapath staff will be on-hand to address any requirements and we look forward to seeing you there.