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Datapath announces launch of Wall Designer

Datapath Ltd, the UK-based innovator of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology, announces the launch of Wall Designer – their advanced video wall design and implementation software. This software will provide the perfect solution to creating and managing an entire video wall project.

The new software is purpose built to work seamlessly with the Datapath multi-display products, allowing the project builders to select their monitors by manufacturer/model and arrange & orientate them onto the canvas. It will let the project be as creative as you like by mix and matching monitors to suit the installation, either entering the details in or using the online community driven monitor database.

Datapath Wall Designer key features and benefits:

  • Manage virtual inputs to help create a single project using multiple input sources and mix walls together.
  • Preview actual source content by loading the creative content intended to use and preview the results.
  • Manage capture regions by drag and resize capture regions for each output over the content, deciding how much will be displayed in each screen.
  • Print out design schematics which include useful measurements to aid in project build and installation.

“Transforming a customer’s vision or an architect’s sketches of a Video Wall environment into a real working installation can be very hard to get right, in particular when time is limited. Datapath’s Wall Designer software is bringing together all the essential elements of a Video Wall design in a integrated package.” said Bjorn Krylander Managing Director of Datapath and continued, “Wall Designer provides the tools for visualizing the Video Wall with real live content, it provides physical dimensions and drawings for the builders to physically build the wall exactly as required, it provides configuration data and connection schematics for the Video Wall controllers used, and finally it even programs the controller hardware to operate in the required mode. In addition it’s free. We are really pleased to make this available to our customers to enable even more creative solutions.”

For further information and to download this software please visit the Wall Designer product page

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