Datapath are Exhibiting at the Vision Show in Stuttgart

Datapath, a Derby based innovator of video capture, computer graphics and video wall display technology, will be exhibiting at this year’s VISION show in Stuttgart.

Amongst their portfolio they will be exhibiting their new VisionAV capture card providing an ideal solution for applications that require real time video with synchronised audio.

The new Datapath VisionAV features simultaneous HD and SD video capture through one channel of HDMI and DVI-I video capture and one channel of composite video capture. Adding support for simultaneous analog and digital audio capture makes this a versatile capture card for streaming, webcasting, video conference and many other applications.

The VisionAV is a x4 lane PCI Express capture card providing up to 800MB/s bandwidth from the capture engine. The VisionAV has a full 256MB buffer memory, enabling triple buffering for all video modes for tear free play back. It can also capture digital video for progressive and interlaced modes up to 4096 x 4096 resolutions to a maximum of 165 MHz pixel clock for DVI and 170 MHz for Analog RGB.

At the Vision show in Stuttgart, Datapath will also exhibit it’s Vision range of capture cards which support a variety of capture modes including Dual or Single Link DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component YPbPr, Composite video and S-Video. The capture card range supports multiple cards in a single system.

The Vision range provides high performance DMA to system memory or direct to graphics memory with scatter gather, allowing for low latency fast frame rates in all applications.

The complete range of Datapath video capture cards are supported by a generic Windows Vision driver and command line interface also supporting DirectShow and RGBEasy SDK.

A single Vision device supports up to 16 independent scale factors, colour spaces and frame rate clients. The Datapath capture cards have time stamp support for capture synchronisation across inputs, cards and systems. This is for use with edge blending, frame stitching, stereoscopic and many more applications using gen-locked sources.

Key features of the Vision range of capture card include:

  • On card processor for real time mode detection – for trouble free connection to a wide variety of video sources
  • High quality scaling for an excellent visual experience
  • Support for YUV 4:2:2, RGB5:5:5, 5:6:5, 8:8:8 video output formats providing compatibility with a wide variety of data streams
  • Low input to output capture latency

We will be in Hall 4 on Stand 1H53, please come and see our sales team!