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Datapath becomes reseller of Visiology Polywall video wall control software

Advanced video graphics, capture and video wall display technology specialist, Datapath Ltd, has become a reseller of Polywall software, a high end solution to manage video walls and information displays for control rooms, conference halls and digital signage projects. Polywall can now be supplied with Datapath video wall controllers to display any information or content required on the screen array. Polywall software modules are particularly suited to larger video walls, where Datapath graphic cards are recommended. In all cases, Polywall software will be preloaded to Datapath hardware.

Polywall is powering video walls in more than 150 high profile installations all over the world. The software offers a unique combination of simple and appealing user interface, extensive video wall management features and enterprise-level security and reliability. Visiology has built-up an intimate knowledge of end user requirements, leading to the development of specialist, value-added software tailored to meet the exact needs of customers such as Datapath.

Datapath’s Wall Controllers have been designed for Video Wall installations and control rooms. Suitable for operation centers, military facilities, board rooms and hospitals; offering the perfect balance between video capture and image display.

Providing seamless compatibility with the Datapath’s portfolio of Vision capture and Image graphics cards, the wall controllers have been designed, developed and optimized to provide UHD video and audio capture.

Polywall supports the Vision series of video capture cards as well as the ImageDP4 graphics cards. These cards allow cost-effective building of video wall of virtually unlimited size not sacrificing the performance. Visiology recommends using Datapath’s products due to the high performance image quality and low latency.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Datapath. Our distributorship agreement will create “one-stop-shop” for our partners to get full video wall controller solution – Datapath hardware with preinstalled Polywall software” said Elena Novikova, Owner of Visiology. “From now on Polywall PRO version will have full support for Datapath SQX hardware decoding technology now. It makes it easy for system integrators to build video walls in CCTV control rooms. Operators can use Polywall to control hundreds of IP video streams being displayed on the video wall simultaneously.”

With Polywall, users can manage multiple video walls and displays from a single user interface; create scenarios (playlists) to automate the playback of content; display a wide range of content types on any display over the network; easily execute online drag and drop functions; integrate with enterprise information systems such as BI and GIS systems; and schedule the playback of content to any specified time of day.

“We are both pleased and proud to be a reseller of Polywall software from Visiology with their impressive track record of facilitating high end video wall projects around the world,” says Bjorn Krylander, Managing Director of Datapath. “We are confident that our combined focus on supplying optimised systems that best meet the needs of the end user will be a huge success.”

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