Datapath celebrates 30 years in business

Datapath Ltd, a leading innovator in video wall display technology, computer graphics and video capture, is celebrating this month 30 years in business.  Continual innovation and expansion of abilities has contributed to three decades of survival and recognised awards.

Twice winning the prestigious Queens award, once for International trade in 2005, and most recently for Innovation in 2011, Datapath continues to grow.

In the early 1980’s developing graphics computer terminals for mini computers gave Datapath a leading position in the UK and Germany. Now Datapath have numerous distributors in over 30 countries and a wide range of products in computer graphics, video capture and video wall technology. With increasing experience in product design and working closely with customers, Datapath have provided solutions throughout different industries including command and control, video conferencing and digital signage.

“We are very pleased with the many long standing customer relationships we have built over the past years. As Datapath is now growing faster than ever before we are working very hard to continue to focus on customer support and helping our customers to real solutions,” said Bjorn Krylander, Managing Director.

Enhancing products, adapting to the market trends and development in technologies has been key for Datapath to reach its 30th birthday, and is continuously expanding and innovating.