Datapath continue to increase distributors in the Netherlands

Datapath Ltd, an expert in display wall technology and video capture, are expanding further their European distributors by appointing 2 new distributors in the Netherlands – Iris Vision and Van Domburg.

“We are very proud to be cooperating with these 2 very reputable distributors in the commercial video and imaging area” said Bjorn Krylander CEO at Datapath and continues, “this cooperation will extend our reach in new complimentary market areas where our products are offering great value, and we welcome opportunities, through and together with our new partners, to develop new great solutions for customers, old and new.”

Iris Vision

Iris Vision Components is the expert and experienced supplier of machine vision equipment. They are well established in the latest developments and innovations, with good contacts with developers, manufacturers and importers, offering their customers – from consulting to end users – good advice.

“Datapath video capture cards are opening doors to medical applications and machine vision areas where other capture cards don’t offer the flexible overlay functionality in the analog/digital domain. A valuable expansion in our portfolio and very useful for our customers” said Rene Stevens Sales Manager of Iris Vision.

Van Domburg

Van Domburg Partners is the distributor of professional displays for Samsung. These displays are suitable for all purposes, narrowcasting, digital signage, video wall, touch applications and outdoor screens. They have built up their expertise though years of intensive collation with Samsung. This allows them to share expertise, products and knowledge helping them make every project a success. Van Domburg Partners will be distributing the Datapath x4 wall controller.