Datapath Fx4 display wall controller

Fx4 Wall Controller Video Wall

Flexibility is key in providing engaging digital content on your displays. For this project (and many others) Focus 21 opted for Datapath’s Fx4 display wall controller. Powerful and versatile, the Fx4 is a multi-faceted stand alone display controller that supports a wide choice of inputs, high bandwidth loop-through as well as 4 genlocked outputs in either DisplayPort or HDMI.

Each output monitor can take its input from any region of the input image as all of the required cropping, scaling, rotation and frame-rate conversion is handled by the Datapath Fx4 hardware. These regions can overlap to allow any output to replicate another or can be configured to support any creative splice of the source material. This allows the support of many non-rectangular screen arrangements with uneven gaps, as well as any mix of monitor orientations.

The Fx4 features a DisplayPort1.2 main input alongside two HDMI1.4 inputs offering 4k (4096x2160p) resolution at 60 fps. The intuitive user interface allows users to determine which input is used. As an example, high quality downscaling allows the display of a 4k source on a single output, while other outputs can crop and upscale to create an almost unlimited multi-screen canvas.

The Datapath Fx4 has dual ethernet ports to allow users to add the device to their networks. Only one Datapath Fx4 in the chain requires connection to the physical LAN as ethernet loop through is supported on the second port, meaning multiple devices can be connected.

To make display design easier, Datapath’s hugely popular multiscreen design tool, Wall Designer has also been updated to incorporate Fx4.

Fx4 Display Wall Controller Displays