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Datapath Introduces a Quad Channel Video Capture Card, VisionHD4

Datapath Ltd, the Derby-based innovator of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology, today announced the general availability of its VisionHD4 quad channel video capture card, providing a high performance and density video capture solution for control room, medical and other applications that require multiple channels of video and high capture bandwidth.

The VisionHD4 is an eight lane PCI Express capture card with four independent High Definition (HD) video capture channels. These four HD video channels are triple buffered into onboard storage for tear free video. This capture card also captures embedded digital audio from all channels, which can be perfectly synchronised with respective video capture channel.

Datapath VisionHD4 key features and benefits:

  • 4 x Datapath capture processors
  • HDMI/ DVI/ RGB/ YPbPr video capture
  • 3.2 GB/s total capture bandwidth
  • 8 lane PCI Express, Gen.3
  • Frame buffer memory 4 x 256MB
  • Maximum resolution up to 4096 x 4096, at 165 MHz Pixel Clock (digital modes) or 170 Msps in analogue modes
  • HDMI audio capture with streaming from each DVI channel
  • Windows and Linux driver support

“Quad HD is rapidly becoming the new high end standard for video solutions” said Bjorn Krylander, CEO at Datapath. He continued “The VisionHD4 provides a high density HD capture solution, whilst at the same time providing sufficient performance for quad HD”.

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