Datapath Launch their new Website

Datapath Website

Datapath Limited has announced the launch of their new website, with the new enhanced logo the website follows with a clean and navigable structure which customers will find interesting and informative.

The improved design layout will enable visitors to readily access technical and practical information on Datapath and its innovative computer graphics and video wall display technology.

The website was based on improving communication to customers, keeping a high level of service. This will be accomplished by providing an online contact channel directly through to our support teams, also keeping customers up to date with product and software developments via regular postings. Further support is given by enabling customers to download the latest drivers, software and manuals relevant to their products.

“We are hoping our new, user friendly site will help us strive to meet out standards of excellence with the delivery of rapid and effective support for any specialised requirement,” said Charlotte Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager for Datapath. “By enhancing our site we will improve and quicken the service we are dedicated to providing to our customers.”