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Game On

Uruguay's Football Stadium

Uruguay’s largest football stadiums rely on Datapath’s iolite 600 for advanced video wall control.

Montevideo, Uruguay, has become a destination for art, dance, and culture. The city has also made a name for itself in the world of sports. With a passion for football, Montevideo is home to three of the best-known football stadiums in the country. The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), supported by the Ministry of the Interior, explored ways to bring facial recognition technology and IP-based surveillance cameras into the city’s stadiums to protect fans and prevent crowd disruptions and hooliganism, common problems in large venues.

AUF commissioned H&O Tecnología (DDBA Ltda), a leading Montevideo-based integration firm, for this unique project. After researching available technologies, DDBA implemented Herta's facial recognition solution, Wavestore’s video management software (VMS) platform, and Datapath’s iolite 600 video wall controller.


Good Sport

Stadium operators requested a way to visualize multiple content streams, including surveillance footage from Axis IP-based PTZ cameras integrated with the facial recognition technology and Wavestore VMS. The various video feeds are now visualized simultaneously on three-by-three video walls powered by Datapath. This project brings real-time stadium monitoring to a new level.


Control You Can Count On

Wavestore had collaborated for many months with the local integrator, DDBA, developing the three-stadium project with the end user. Datapath partnered with Wavestore so their iolite 600 controller could work hand-in-hand with the video management platform as a complementary product set.

Datapath’s iolite 600 video wall controller systems facilitate the display of live and recorded images captured by operator-selected cameras on large control room video walls. The iolite self-contained video wall processors are powerful enough to drive these mission-critical systems 24/7 and yet compact enough for facilities with tight real estate. It also offers a high degree of flexibility. It can house various video capture cards alongside multi-output graphics cards and SQX IP cards, iolite is available in fixed configurations for immediate deployment, or it can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

"With the Datapath iolite, the setup possibilities are limitless, and reliable performance is guaranteed," said Greg Babbs, Datapath’s Sales Manager, South East USA and LATAM.


Mission Critical

Greg Babbs believes that for effective monitoring, stadium operators "all need a common picture. Whether that's a copy of what they see or in addition to what they see because they don't have enough screens."

To that end, "Datapath is an expert in video wall technology for mission-critical applications," Babbs added, "and the Uruguay stadium projects show just how flexible the iolite system can be." With iolite, users have the ability to include up to six of Datapath’s video capture, graphics, or IP decoding cards.


Surviving the Stress Test

The ability to visualize data and video is critical, but it’s also important to build a video wall offers operator flexibility. If the football stadium end users want to view IP camera feeds alone, or cameras coupled with facial recognition metadata, they have the choice.

"Stadium directors and operators need an easy way for all of these systems to tie together," Babbs stated. "That's where—and why—they trust in Datapath. If we're relying on these video walls to identify potential suspects that are about to walk into a stadium, being without the video wall is not an option. End users need a technology they can rely on for the long haul. Datapath has a global reputation for reliability; we've been put in the toughest environments in the world, and we work in every stressful, critical situation."

As stadium stakeholders strive to optimize data—combining analytics, facial recognition, live videos, recordings, and object recognition—the video wall presents itself as the common solution. Only Datapath can deliver reliable performance each and every time to survive the stadium stress test.

Uruguay's largest football stadiums rely on Datapa...
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