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Datapath processor drives huge LED display at Edinburgh Airport

LED Display at Edinburgh Airport

The Challenge

Edinburgh Airport required an LED panel, occupying a position above the baggage carousel that offered limited ceiling height, which would be clearly visible from all areas of the check-in hall and could deliver striking visuals from a distance and as close as 2m.

The Solution

Edinburgh Airport LED Video Wall Screen Montage

The huge canvas comprises of 560 Absen A2725 Plus cabinets, amounting to 2,240 LED modules. It includes a Datapath VSN1172, and two VSN1100X expansion chassis, with link cards providing high-speed, low-latency inter-connectivity to an 85m self-check-in LED environment.

Utilizing several of Datapath’s VisionSC-UHD2 (4) and VisionSC-HD4+ (10) advanced video capture cards means that up to 48 physical sources can be flexibly displayed across the LED canvass, while WallControl 10/Pro software ensures ultimate flexibility, control and ease of use.

A total of 140 prefabricated frames were mounted on to the surface of the wall and aligned end to end, with each vertical frame consisting of four Absen cabinets, slotted into the frames and interconnected in a daisy chain fashion.

The Result

Edinburgh Airport LED Video Wall Screen Montage 2

WalThe traditional check-in desks at Edinburgh Airport are now replaced by an 85m self-check-in LED display, ensuring wayfinding, flight information and marketing are clearly visible from anywhere in the hall.

The install was carried out by specialist integrators nuVIDEO, whose sales manager Michael MacNeil stressed the need for maximum impact: “One of the critical considerations in the design of the new check-in facility was to ensure that flight information, wayfinding and emergency information systems would enable passengers to quickly and safely navigate their route through the check-in hall. This was particularly important given the introduction of multiple new self-service check in systems.”

Adam Marsden, Datapath’s sales and account manager for the UK, said: “We are proud to see this huge new digital check-in area powered by Datapath. With a canvas area of 118 sqm, the display guarantees easy access to passenger and flight information.

“Our latest VSN video processors are future-proofed for most requirements, and are purposely designed to bring control and management to even the largest of LED display canvases, regardless of its pixel size.”

The result is a display that has increased footfall and ‘eyes on’, while providing a more streamlined messaging service – allowing the airport to communicate effectively with its customers in a safe and efficient manner, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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