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Aetria Designer

Dedicated design software for Aetria solutions
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Aetria Designer - Intro

The Freedom To Design

Aetria Designer is the dedicated design software for Aetria solutions.

Designs can be created without being connected to a network, making it easy to create, review and approve designs anytime, anywhere.


Benefits of Aetria

Built-in monitor database
With a dynamic monitor database built-in, video walls, workstations and screens can be quickly added to your designs.

Bill of materials tracker
The automated Bill of Materials (BOM) builder keeps track of all the equipment needed to implement your final solution.

Multi-purpose layouts and diagrams
Your screen layout and connection diagram for each design can be exported as static images for inclusion in quotes, tender responses, or documentation.

Export project designs
Approved designs can be exported directly into Aetria Command Center for final implementation.

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