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Control rooms made simple

Aetria is the
complete solution

Today’s control rooms are more complex than ever before. Systems integrators need to balance managing the increasing quantities of sources, content and data, with maintaining total reliability and usability for the operator.

That is where Aetria comes in.

Aetria is Datapath’s integrated solution for the design, management and operation of control rooms of any size.

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Aetria Examples for Control Room Environments

The Aetria Approach

The Aetria Approach


System integrators have the freedom to design and deploy the right solution by following a structured, integrated process.


Configuration of all connectivity to workstations, video walls, sources, layouts, and templates are managed and operated from a single interface.


Users can focus on their core objectives, rather than how to make the technology work.


Aetria monitors all solution components to ensure smooth operation and swift response if issues occur.

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Aetria Components

Aetria Components

Datapath provide complete Aetria solutions, including all software and hardware components.

Aetria Designer

Dedicated design software for Aetria solutions. Aetria Designer makes it easy to create, review and approve designs anytime, anywhere.

Command Center

The unified interface for system integrators to design, manage and operate control rooms solutions.

Network Manager

The Aetria Network Manager appliance is provided pre-configured with Aetria Command Center to simplify the setup and management of Aetria solutions.

Aetria WallControl

Based on Datapath’s proven WallControl technology, Aetria Wall Control allows multiple video walls to be configured, managed and controlled in the Aetria system.

Aetria Workstation

The dedicated solution for control room operators to seamlessly organise, view and control both local and network sources. Aetria Workstation works behind the scenes, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand.

Integration Options

Integration Options

Take a closer look at the available options for connecting operator workstations, content sources, video walls and networks in an Aetria control room system.

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