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Arqa Network Manager Header

Arqa Network Manager

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WallControl 10 - Intro
Simple-to-use Interface

Arqa Network Manager is a Windows-based application required for managing Arqa network distributed systems. Built with ease-of-use in mind, the simple user interface provides fast and convenient control of all Arqa devices



  1. Fast & reliable network device discovery
  2. Manages video routing and sharing over a simple 1Gb network
  3. Supports source preview for simple visual identification of networked endpoints
  4. Create personalised workstation configurations with One Control
  5. Create and manage multi-head configurations for extending systems with multiple outputs
  6. Works with graphical OSD (On-Screen Display) to provide control direct from the endpoints
  7. Use the Session Monitor to show a historical view of who connected to what, and when
Multiple Device Viewing Options

Multiple Device Viewing Options

The multiple device viewing options makes it easier to gain an overview of all available devices:
  1. List view for handling large systems with a high number of devices
  2. Grid view for convenient control of video routing on a Windows tablet or touchscreen device
  3. Tree View for showing available devices in a logical hieratical format
User Rights Management

User Rights Management

Arqa Network Manager offers a full user rights management system. Once enabled, account logins ensure users only gain access to the sources and screens they are authorised for.
User Rights Management functions include:
  1. User accounts
  2. User roles
  3. User access to specific resources
  4. User security levels
  5. Create and manage secure user logins to any application instance or receiver unit