Quant for Business Collaboration

Quant for Business Collaboration

Project teams from different departments can work on the same document irrespective of where they are located, allowing everyone to work together, smarter.

Quant enables users from multiple workstations to collaborate by sharing any application window, interact with them, and make instant changes to source files.

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How it works

Quant enables you to share numerous application windows with other peers within a group, including those running video walls.

You have full control to decide what to share, with whom to share and what permissions are given. The interaction with shared application windows can still be made even without the file software on your own computer.

Application windows can be simply shared using a dedicated Quant icon or the drag and drop curtain. A chat function is available to message other users about the application window shared. Any changes to the shared document are seen instantly.

How Quant Business Collaboration works

Multiple ways to share

Share with

Sharing instantly with one or more users so a window appears on the recipient's screen to view or make edits

Grant access

Allow users access to shared application windows from your desktop

Snap Shot

Send an image of the application window to colleagues


Send a copy of a file to colleagues and work groups


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