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Express11-G3 Backplane - Header
Express11-G3 Backplane

Express11-G3 Backplane

  1. 11 slot, Gen.3 PCI Express backplane
  2. Once PICMG 1.3 SBC slot
  3. Standard ATX form factor
  4. Support for multiple backplanes for large systems
  5. Supports 8 GB/s full duplex links
  6. 96 lanes PCI Express 3.0 switch
  7. Support for two SATA connections
  8. Provides headers for (1, 2 or 3) fans

The Datapath Express11-G3 backplane provides 11 eight lane PCI Express slots, all implemented as x16 physical connectors.

They can be used with a standard PICMG 1.3 SBC as a stand-alone system or in combination with multiple backplanes to provide a PCI Express expansion system for a standard PC.

This backplane uses advanced PCI Express 3.0 switches to create high bandwidth that connects up to 11 PCI express plug in cards into a host system.

The Datapath Express11-G3 uses PCIe Gen.3 switches to provide each slot with up to 8GB/s bi-directional bandwidth.

Using multiple Express11-G3 backplanes configured in a daisy chain expansion mode allows for the construction of large systems. The Express11-G3 can also be expanded using a star configuration. This configuration enables the construction of very large systems supporting low latency with a high number of slots.


Connecting Multiple Express11-G3 Backplanes

Star Configuration

All x8 PCI Express slots in the master chassis (containing the SBC) are populated with an HLink-G3 card. Each HLink-G3 is then connected to an expansion chassis using an ExCable-G3 and SLink-G3 card. This configuration provides a high number of available PCI Express slots supporting low latency.

Multiple Express11-G3s

Daisy Chain Configuration

Daisy chain the main chassis to a maximum of five expansion chassis providing up to 51 PCI Express expansion slots.