iolite 12i
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iolite 12i

The iolite 12i is a discreet solution for small to medium scale video walls.

The self contained video wall controllers fit perfectly into retail, public and corporate environments and offer incredible flexibility.


Compact video display technology

The ability to drive multiple screens from a single, simple controller is a key requirement for businesses wanting the ability to display video, news feeds, corporate messaging and traditional signage in their reception areas, as well as enhancing their conferencing and presentation facilities.

The iolite 12i is a compact wall controller designed specifically for environments that require very low noise levels, where space is at a premium. It is rack mountable and includes twelve integrated HDMI outputs, and three 4K DisplayPort outputs1. The two integrated x4 Gen.3 PCIe slots can be populated with various Datapath capture cards or SQX (IP decode) cards to meet specific needs, making it the perfect choice for smaller video wall installations requiring a compact, quiet controller that still offers a degree of flexibility and configuration.

Driving video wall installations

Combined with a high performance Windows system, the iolite 12i can drive multiple screens simultaneously, delivering video captured from a range of sources including media players, television set top boxes, IP cameras and online or local media. The iolite 12i is available as standard with an Intel Corei5 processor, 128GB SSD hard drive and 8GB RAM. Upgrade options are available to allow the inclusion of additional, high capacity HDD drive, increased memory (up to 16GB) and Intel Corei7 processor.

iolite 12i Specifications

Motherboard SBC - COTS mini ITX motherboard with HDMI & DisplayPort control screen
Outputs 12 x integrated HDMI outputs
(1920x1080p @60fps)
3x integrated DisplayPort 1.2 outputs
(3840x2160p @60fps)
Expansion slots 2 x PCIe x4 Gen3
USB conectivity 4 x USB 3.0 Ports (Rear)
2 x USB 2.0 Ports (Front)
Ethernet 2 x Intel Gigabit LAN
Wi-Fi Optional (via USB adapter)
Processor Intel Corei5 (Optional Intel Corei7 available)
Memory 8GB (Optional 16GB available)
Disk Storage 128GB M.2 SATA SSD (Additional 1TB disk for storage available)
Operating System Windows 10 LTSB
Power Supply ATX 250 Watts
Dimensions 296mm(l) x 90mm(h) x 427mm(w)
Weight 10 - 15kg (shipped 15-20kg)
Compliance CE / FCC

We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.



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