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Active SQX2

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Scalable IP encode and decode card

  1. Dedicated encode/decode card with dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
  2. On-board SQX engine
  3. Decode up to 12 x 1080p30 streams (or equivalent)
  4. Encode up to 8 x 1080p30 streams (or equivalent)
  5. Supports AVC H.264 and HEVC H.265
  6. Within Aetria Systems AES encryption for each stream
  7. Two ethernet ports for connecting to separate networks

Scalable IP Encode/Decode

Today, most professional AV solutions rely on IP networks to distribute content between endpoints with minimal latency and excellent quality. Often there is a need to both encode content for distribution across the network and decode IP based sources for local display, monitoring and control.

Datapath’s ActiveSQX2 is a PCI Express plug-in card that delivers a scalable IP encoding and decoding solution. The card is a dedicated processing platform to receive and decode h264 or h265 streams for display on a video wall. In addition it is capable of encoding captured video for delivery elsewhere on the network which may in turn be decoded for display in another part of the environment.

Simultaneous encodes and decode support

Each ActiveSQX2 card has a dedicated processor onboard, removing all burden from the main computer processor which will enable multiple cards to be used within the same system giving the ability to support a large number of simultaneous encodes and decodes.

Provides reliable encode and decode operations at scale

Whether transmitting local sources over the network for remote display, monitoring and integration, or viewing IP sources alongside local sources, the ActiveSQX2 card provides a single platform to deliver reliable encode and decode operations at scale.

Streaming Made Easy with SQX

Datapath’s SQX technology provides scalable encoding and decoding for large numbers of High Definition streams and is fully compatible with industry standards for video compression and streaming. In addition, the ActiveSQX2 can be placed in systems alongside graphics cards and video capture cards, such as the Datapath Vision range, to provide powerful IP stream handling for mission-critical environments.