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VisionIO-XD2 - Header


  1. 1 x HDMI 2.0 input and 1 x HDMI 2.0 output (zero latency loop through)
  2. 1 x DisplayPort 1.2 input and 1 x DisplayPort output (zero latency loop through)
  3. Real time hardware overlay
  4. Eight lane PCI Express 3.0 - Providing 6 GB capture bandwidth
  5. All the features of Datapath’s latest VisionSC range of capture cards

Live Monitoring and Augmentation

The Datapath VisionIO-XD2 provides two 4K capable zero-latency loop-through ports, each with alpha-blended overlay capability. When connected in series between the video source and the local monitor, the VisionIO-XD2 is capable of capturing video at full quality whilst mixing in overlay data into the live monitoring path without adding latency.

The VisionIO-XD2 offers a unique solution for the operator who needs both live video and overlay data to be displayed on a single monitor, whilst recording the stream in the background. Whether in a Medical Operating Room overlaying patient data onto surgical camera inputs, or adding overlays in Augmented Reality (AR) based applications, the VisionIO-XD2 offers a uniquely unparalleled and professional solution to the market.

Zero Latency Overlay

The VisionIO series also offers an on-board alpha blending capability, allowing a secondary source of frames to be overlaid on to the outgoing display in real time. The optional use of an overlay watchdog ensures that the application supplying the overlay is in constant control. If any problems are detected the card will ensure the integrity of the primary signal by preventing the overlay from obscuring the live signal.

24/7 Operation

The VisionIO-XD2 provides a fail-safe mechanism for the loop through ports, requiring only power for video pass through to be operational. Additionally, the overlay hardware contains a timeout mechanism to prevent applications from corrupting the main video feed in the event of a software crash or other system failure.

Vision Performance Features

The VisionIO series is supported by the Datapath Vision Performance Driver. Optimised at the lowest level to work efficiently with proprietary Datapath hardware, the Vision Performance Driver provides users with a variety of features including Livestream, Multi-Stream, Precision Hardware Timestamping, Efficient DMA Transfer, Flexible Signal Detection and Automatic Mode Changing.

Video Streaming

DirectShow drivers for WDM Streaming support the following applications, to encode, record and stream video over networks or the Internet:

  • Microsoft Media Encoder
  • VLC
  • Telestream WireCast
  • vMix
  • Opencast Matterhorn
  • VidBlaster
  • OBS Project
  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder
  • Dataton Watchout

Any application compatible with Windows® DirectShow technology can use the VisionIO due to the built-in WDM support. The latest Windows Media Foundation Framework is also supported under the AVStream minidriver framework, allowing application development suitable for the Windows 10 App Store®

Designed for Critical Environments

The VisionIO range of capture cards are engineered specifically for environments where latency is critical and quality can not be compromised. The cards are typically used within medical procedures and operating theaters, where patient monitoring systems utilize real-time image capture, with live video often combined with overlays and annotations of patient data. For more information click here.