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  1. Two independent HDMI 2.0 capture channels supporting 4K60 with 4:4:4 chroma sampling
  2. Eight lane PCIe Gen.3 interface, net 6GB/s total capture bandwidth
  3. 2GB Frame Buffer Memory
  4. Full 10-bit processing pipeline
  5. Fully scalable for use in high density systems supporting multiple capture cards
  6. Full support of the Vision Performance feature set
  7. Datapath unified Windows® and Linux® driver support
  8. Supports HDMI certified premium cables up to 5M in length.


AV integrators demand the highest resolution video offering both detail and colour accuracy when creating the most stunning visual displays. From command and control rooms to reception areas, collaboration environments and digital signage applications, the VisionSC-UHD2 guarantees the very best quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. Providing two HDMI 2.0 capture channels with HDCP2.2 support at 4K60p with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, the VisionSC-UHD2 complements our hugely successful VisionSC capture card family and offers unparalleled performance in frame grabber technology.

Vision Performance

The VisionSC-UHD2 supports all Datapath Vision Performance features. This includes LiveStream for a single line of capture latency, MultiStream for multiple capture instances, hardware timestamping, HDMI signal conditioning to support longer cable runs, automatic fast and reliable mode detection, frame synchronised ganging of inputs (dual 4K into 8K x 2K), flexible onboard Colour Space Converter, plus a whole lot more. An advanced hardware scaling engine employs polyphase multi-tap filtering for superior anti-aliasing when downscaling and accurate pixel replication when upscaling.


Built for the future, Datapath continues to maintain and support its own RGBEasy SDK for application developers as well as offering a Microsoft DirectShow interface based on the AV Stream framework. Inputs can be accessed by DirectShow / Media Foundation-compatible applications including:

  • Dataton Watchout
  • PanOpto
  • vMix
  • Telestream Wirecast
  • Opencast Video Solution
  • VidBlasterX
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • Adobe Flash Media Live
  • Encoder
  • VLC

A Video for Linux (V4L) driver package is also available for download.

Extra Protection With Advanced Swap Out And Extended Warranty Services

For additional security and peace of mind, our customers are invited to take advantage of DatapathÔÇÖs advanced swap out service and extended warranty. For a small premium, selected products can be protected by our advanced swap out service and optional 5 year warranty. For more information please contact our sales team.