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Aligo - Intelligent AV over IP with KVM control

Aligo, Datapath’s intelligent AV over IP solution, delivers unprecedented quality and flexibility for IP content distribution. Aligo automatically selects content resolution and compression level for each individual end point, allowing each source to be displayed in multiple formats at the same time.

With support for up to 4K resolution with visually lossless quality, Aligo provides the best quality content available for any given use-case, from a local 4K monitor on an operator workstation, to a compressed stream for transmission to remote sites over low-bandwidth connections and anything in between.

Arqa - Video distribution and control

Datapath’s Arqa solution gives the user ultimate control of any source on a network, all from a single workspace. Designed with an intra-frame encoding scheme that provides near-zero latency, Arqa allows users to work on multiple remote systems with accuracy and speed. Whether dealing with individual cells in a dense spreadsheet, or operating complex applications, Arqa simplifies the task of using multiple servers, and lets users to focus on the task in hand.

Product Range

Arqa TX1/C

Arqa TX1/C

Arqa KVM transmitter for copper cable

Arqa TX1/F

Arqa KVM transmitter for fiber optic cable

Arqa RX1/C

Arqa KVM receiver for copper cable

Arqa RX1/F

Arqa KVM receiver for fiber optic cable

Aligo TX100

Single 4K Transmitter with Quad HD Inputs and SQX Encoding

Aligo QTX100

Quad transmitter with four 4K HDMI inputs and SQX Encoding

Aligo RX100

Single receiver with single 4K HDMI output, or four HD HDMI outputs

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