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What is a Video Wall Controller?

A video wall, is a canvas made up of a large number of screens that act together to form a single canvas. A video wall controller is a device that takes in large amounts of video from various external and internal locations, which then allows users to place those videos anywhere on video wall canvas.

Videos and images that you want to add to the wall are known as ÔÇťsourcesÔÇŁ. Content sources can be captured using dedicated capture or decoding cards or be made available on a local hard drive. These sources can then be placed across single or multiple screens, and the video wall controller handles the required splitting, cropping and drawing of the content in the correct place. Some example source types are; operator workstations, production PCs, set top boxes, media players, IP cameras, pre-recoded videos and webpages.

For any video wall installation, the video wall processor is pivotal andÔÇ»unifies the display outputs to create a single output canvas. The user has complete control of how and when theÔÇ»source content is displayed.

Video Wall Controller LP - Range

DatapathÔÇÖs Video Wall Controllers

Datapath supplies video wall controller systems that are capable of integrating many types of video and data sources.

Our video wall controllers are suppliedÔÇ»into many critical applications,ÔÇ»includingÔÇ»traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companiesÔÇ»andÔÇ»security applications as well asÔÇ»in entertainmentÔÇ»and live eventÔÇ»settings.

We provide highly expandable and flexible solutions for video wall and multi-screen solutions, using Datapath's latest generation of video capture cards and graphics cards.

Our video wall controllers have been designed for use in demanding control room environments. Each component has been rigorously tested to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. Our range ofÔÇ»video wall controllers are provided with our own suite of video wall software tools to plan, execute and manage video wall set upsÔÇ»with ease.

Video Wall Control

VSN Series Ranges


VSN V3 processor system is our most powerful and efficient video wall controller to date.


The VSN400 uses a COTS motherboard to provide flexibility and suitability for the smaller, more compact, video wall project.

VSNMicro 600

The VSNMicro 600 platform comprises a high-performance motherboard which is connected to Datapath’s Express6 PCIe backplane.

iolite Series

iolite 12i

The iolite 12i is a compact wall controller designed specifically for environments that require very low noise levels, where space is at a premium.

x-Series Range

Datapath Fx4-HDR

The Datapath Fx4-HDR offers superb HDR 10-bit colour clarity, 4K60 resolution.

Datapath Fx4

The Datapath Fx4 display wall controller allows infinite creative configurations with our simplest set up to date.

Datapath Fx4-SDI

The Datapath Fx4-SDI display controller offers the perfect solution for staging and televised video walls.

Datapath Hx4

The Datapath Hx4 is a stand-alone controller with the capacity to run a single 4K HDMI source across four HD outputs.