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Video Wall Solutions

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Datapath video wall solutions drive the most prestigious and critical video walls in the world, from small-to-large scale installations.

Multi Display
Video Wall Software Options

Video Wall Software Options

Aetria for Video Walls

Aetria provides centralized configuration and control of VSN powered video walls. Developed specifically for mission-critical control room environments, it enables complete seamless control of content and integration with operator workstations, AVoIP, and KVM where required.

WallControl 10

WallControl 10 provides standalone control of VSN powered video walls. It provides users with the interface to quickly and effectively manage video wall content.

Feature highlights

Feature WallControl 10 Aetria
Multiple source management inc. IP feeds, video captures, web pages, and local media      
Templates creation for easy placement of content    
Multi-wall view on single screen/interface    
User rights on a per wall basis    
Windows-based interface    
Wall Controller Redundancy    
Browser Based Interface    
Centralized storage of layouts, templates and sources enabling sharing and access from any connected user    
Video wall and workstation scalability and expansion (should your operations grow)    

WallControl 10 and Aetria for Video Walls Feature Comparison

Refer to the features list to choose the wall control software you need.

Feature WallControl 10 Aetria
Client can view multiple video wall controllers      
Multiple video walls from a single piece of hardware    
Multiple Processors controlled from same Client (GUI)    
Multiple user regions on a single wall    
Multiple simultaneous user connections    
Brower based layout opener (for tablets etc)    
User rights management (URM)    
Active Directory integration    
Networked content storage support    
Third-party control API    
On Screen Display (for Sources)    
Cropping of Sources    
Rotation of Sources    
Coloured Borders (overlay of content)    
Coloured Frames (external to content)    
Site Map (view and manage multiple walls concurrently in same GUI)    
Browser Based Interface    
Administrator Role    
Support for Redundant Controllers    
Roles to allow ACC or Workstation support    
Feature WallControl 10 Aetria
Use of 16 instances of single input    
Live IP video stream    
Remote Desktop over IP    
PowerPoint (no visible controls)    
Word (no visible controls)    
PDF (no visible controls)    
Excel (no visible controls)    
Third-party application control    
Web page (with refresh, zooming and positioning)    
PDF (with zoom, position, define starting page)    
Automatic IP Camera discovery (ONVIF)    
Folder system for sources    
Filter by source type    
Feature WallControl 10 Aetria
Layouts (save and recall)    
Whole wall templates    
Template editor    
Apply template to Windows    
Centralised layouts available to multiple endpoints    
Template naming/addressing    
Centralised templates available for all endpoints    
Feature WallControl 10 Aetria
Vision re-streaming support    
Integrated KVM solution (Instant access to VNC sources)    
Audio Management  (Windows)  (Windows)
Aligo switching support    
Arqa switching support    
Support for Window deployment from Aligo Workstation    
Support for Window deployment from Arqa Workstation    
Support for Window deployment from Aetria Workstation    

*Datapath plug-ins for Genetec and Milestone are available on request. Please contact us for more information.

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