Quant Software

Application Streaming Software for Control Rooms

Quant is a streaming software designed for control room environments. It provides a quick and simple way to share on-screen information with other users and onto video walls.

Users share information by streaming application windows, from production statistics to security surveillance data. Application sharing with KVM means that other users can control those applications

In a crisis, an operator can stream information to the wider team, resulting in faster response times and better informed decision-making.

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How Quant Business Collaboration works

Use Quant for

Improved response times
In time-critical situations, operators have the ability to quickly stream information to a decision maker resulting in better informed decisions and faster response times.

Accessing video wall sources
Users can retrieve any sources physically connected video wall systems by using Quant, even if they are remote based. Video wall sources can be accessed anywhere.

Input from the wider team
Quant provides teams the ability to share applications and make changes to them. This allows operators to contribute when it is necessary.


Top Features

Access to video wall sources

Workstations within the same network can access any source physically connected to a Datapath controller, whether they are in the control room or remote-based

Application streaming with KVM

Operators can share information by streaming their on-screen application windows to other operators, and onto video walls. Recipients can make changes within the streamed application windows, even if they do not have the application software

Wall controller compatible

Quant has been designed to work seamlessly with Datapath wall controllers, and can be used with WallControl 10 video wall management software

Peer-to-peer networking

For added security, Quant streaming uses peer-to-peer networking, meaning all communication stays behind a firewall


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