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Datapath have developed a range of KVM solutions for both hardware and software-based operations. The Arqa solution consists of a range of hardware transmitters and receivers enabling users to create a network-based scalable solution. Where a full hardware-based solution isn’t needed, we also offer a soft KVM solution as part of our WallControl 10 software.


Arqa Video Distribution with KVM

Datapath’s new Arqa solution gives the user ultimate control of any source on a network, all from a single workspace.

Arqa has a 5-millisecond latency, thanks to it’s intra-frame encoding scheme it is much faster than other KVM methods such as PCoIP, RDP and VNC.

This near-zero latency allows users to work on large complex programs seamlessly, with accuracy and speed, from an individual cell in a dense spreadsheet to operating full SCADA applications.

Arqa can be combined with a Datapath VSN wall controller to allow access to sources and the ability to share those sources onto a video wall. Making it a popular choice for command and control installations, as well as other key AV applications.



Arqa KVM over IP solutions are suitable for a variety of applications:

Utility Operations

Process Control


National Defence

Emergency Services

Corporate Boardrooms

Broadcast Media Centres

The Benefits of Arqa KVM
Arqa brings increased levels of security from both internal and external threats. It can centralise assets for maintainability purposes and reduces cabling requirements leading to a cleaner working environment. The benefits of Arqa include:
Instant connectivity

Arqa allows a single workstation to have access to hundreds of remote sources. The latest video transfer technology provides instant KVM control to the user. There is no recognisable difference between having a desktop operating from KVM and having it right next to the user’s desk.

Security focus

Create a network 'air gap' with Arqa

Arqa allows non-intrusive KVM access to sources on secured networks, without needing direct network access to the source itself. Transmitters can be installed onto secure sources by connecting video and USB ports (in secured HID only mode) only. This is perfect for mission critical and command and control environments where systems have high security network policies, where third parties may be in control of IT network administration, or anywhere where network 'air-gapping' is a specific requirement.

Server room security

Arqa solutions allow PCs to be moved to a secure location away from the workspace, such as an authorised access-only server room.

Removing vulnerable peripherals

Arqa can restrict USB port access to keyboard and mouse only, removing the possibility of files or data being saved to USB storage drives or users connecting other devices to the workstation.

Hardware-based solution

Arqa’s hardware KVM method negates the problematic issue for environments that prohibit software client installations directly onto sources, for example when implementing VDI’s.

Typical Arqa Set-ups

Arqa can be configured in hundreds of ways and can include multiple PCs, sources, users, and video walls. Typical examples are shown below.
Connecting remote operator workstations with Arqa.

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Connecting control rooms with Arqa.

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Software Based KVM

Datapath’s soft KVM solution is available with Datapath’s WallControl 10 software. It allows operators to use their local keyboard and mouse to manipulate remote machines and Windows based sources, as well as place high quality captured onto the video wall.

It is suitable for users who might need occasional keyboard and mouse access to individual sources that have Datapath Agent software installed, for example when logging into a remote server to change settings, or to run occasional system updates.

Hard KVM Solution

Soft KVM Solution


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