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Datapath to exhibit at the NEC showcase 2014

Datapath will be exhibiting at this year’s NEC Showcase at the Velodrome, in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In collaboration with ONELAN, they will be delivering 4k playback using the Datapath x4 and Datapath dL8, signage from ONELAN is displayed on a number of NEC displays in a variety of sizes and orientations, wall mounted to create an eye catching dynamic design.

The screens that will be used in this solution include: 2 x 40″ NEC P403, 2 x 46″ NEC P463, 2 x 55″ NEC EA234WMI and 1 x 29″ NEC EA294WMI.

The Datapath x4 offers a flexible low cost way of building video walls. The Datapath x4 enables complex display wall arrangements for any mixture of landscape and portrait display formats. For larger video walls multiple units can be combined together or used with Datapath’s Image4 graphics card to support up to 160 displays.

X4 display controller key features:

  • Splits a single DVI input into 4 independent monitor outputs
  • Accepts dual-link DVI, single-link DVI or HDMI input
  • Flexibly drives four displays, each from any selected region of the input image
  • Supports both DVI and analog RGB output monitors
  • Multiple units can be used for larger wall configuration

The dL8 is a 1U rack mount eight output distribution amplifier for high resolution dual-link DVI signals. It has a fully programmable EDID to graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame rate. Through active equalisation and re-clocking hardware it supports source cable lengths up to 20m at full dual-link resolutions.

Datapath dL8 Distribution Amplifier Key Features and benefits:

  • Supports up to 32 screen display walls when used in conjunction with up to 8 Datapath x4 stand alone display wall controllers
  • Distribution and signal conditioning of arbitrary DVI source signals
  • Supports any resolution or frame rate that can be supported in either Single or Dual Link DVI

We will be in the Retail area on Solution 16, please come and see our sales team!

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