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Datapath – Wall Designer software now available for MacOS

Wall Designer Software on MacOS

Datapath, world-leading engineers of visual solutions, are now shipping their Wall Designer software for the MacOS platform. After listening to customer feedback – especially from the creative industries – the software has been completely recreated for the MacOS platform taking advantage of Apple’s modern Mac 64bit architecture and multi core processing. The software is available as a free download for Datapath’s customers.

Mark Rogers, Datapath’s product manager for software commented: “Datapath has developed Wall Designer for MacOS after listening to its customers and their requirement to run Wall Designer on the same computers they are creating their videos on. This is a high percentage of Apple hardware, so we have developed the software to take advantage of the modern Mac’s architecture and processors, but retaining the look, feel and features that the PC version has to offer.  This will provide seamless usability across platforms for our creative users.”

Since Photoshop was launched in 1990 the Mac platform has become the de facto platform for the creative industry. This was further cemented by Apple’s release of its video editing software, Final Cut Pro in 1999 and Garage Band in 2004. The general split of computer operating systems is reported as 10% MacOS – 90% Windows, however, according to Trendwatch, in the creative industries MacOS is used by up to 80% of professionals.

Wall Designer works to provide an easy and intuitive visual interface for the Fx4, Fx4-SDI and Hx4 multi-screen display wall controllers offering an advanced video wall design and Implementation suite. It enables users to place projects across a virtual canvas. Adjusting the input resolution ensures the project matches the content, with Wall Designer automatically arranging the capture regions or adjusting each region to suit.

Wall Designer takes the stress out of configuring hardware for a project by automatically adding one of Datapath’s award winning range of multi-display controllers, projects and assigning each output to a monitor. Re-drawing screen assignments to suit the project’s needs and help installation builds. Connecting a number of wall controllers to your Mac and Wall Designer will allow users to assign the wall controller to monitor and program them. Full monitor EDID management is available for timing adjustments.

One of the benefits of the Wall Designer software is the information it provides to enable easy configuration. Information such as screen dimensions – in pixels and millimetres, bezel sizes and refresh rates are all included. The ability to choose from a list of previously used monitors as well as adding other monitors and even bespoke RGB LED configurations has created software which makes display wall configuration and implementation a joy, rather than a chore.

A unique feature of Wall Designer is its user-driven monitor database. The range of monitors in the application’s database has grown to cover an enormous and constantly growing number of unique devices, as users have added their own monitors and submitted these back to Datapath for inclusion.

Wall Designer for the MacOS is available now as a free download from the Datapath website for Apple desktops and laptop computers running MacOS version 10.12, High Sierra and above.

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