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Datapath x4 at the heart of dazzling Mercedes-Benz launch event

Mercedes-Benz Launch Event Video Wall

Datapath technology proved central to a highly creative, multimedia launch event for the new Mercedes-Benz Travego at the company’s Turkish dealership in Istanbul. Two Datapath x4 display controllers were deployed in the set-up by regional system integrator, Front Pictures Studio, in order to output signals to a large number of projectors from a single server.

Having seen the stunning effects produced by Front Pictures’ collaboration with digital entertainment specialists Freckled Sky for the ‘America’s Got Talent’ television series, Mercedes-Benz harnessed this creative partnership for the launch event of its new generation Travego bus. Mercedes-Benz Türkiye wanted a top-notch creative multimedia performance complete with projection mapping in order to create a highly memorable and spectacular show for the event’s VIP guests.

“Together with the Freckled Sky team we developed the storyline for the performance where a young boy is dreaming about becoming an engineer and subsequently invents the Travego bus,” explains Irina Zhivotko, Head of Sales at Front Pictures and Project Manager for the Mercedes-Benz event. “The resulting show became a giant holographic interactive dancing and 3D video performance set against a huge projection scrim.”

The system configuration included Front Pictures’ Screenberry media server (synchronised with the overhead stage lights), two Datapath x4 display controllers, eight projectors and a seamless projection scrim measuring 48 x 8m. The total output resolution was 5400 x 900.

“We used Datapath x4 display controllers as we always do when we need to output signals to a large number of projectors from a single server,” says Irina. “We love these devices because they are extremely reliable and provide total freedom in configuring the system. You can use an almost unlimited number of Datapath x4 display controllers – our record is 14 – and link them using the Datapath dL8 distribution amplifier to create spectacular screen set-ups. However, at the same time, it’s easy to configure and reconfigure video outputs on the spot.”

The Datapath x4 is a stand-alone multi-display adapter and video wall controller that accepts a standard single or dual-link DVI video signal up to 4k x 4k resolution at 30 fps. It provides four display outputs for almost endless creative possibilities, while all outputs can be genlocked to process footage seamlessly.

Mercedes-Benz was extremely happy with the end result. Indeed, the show received a standing ovation at its conclusion.

“During the performance, the audience was sprinkled with lights from the smartphones and tablets of guests who were filming the performance,” says Irina. “The head of Mercedes-Benz Türkiye came backstage and thanked us personally.”

Front Pictures Mercedes Event

Although Front Pictures is an established user of Datapath x4 controllers, the company already has its eye on the new Datapath Fx4.

“These days, Datapath technology is an integral part of our set-up,” says Irina. “With the Datapath x4 we can provide simultaneous seamless output for up to 72 projectors or displays from a single machine, but we have not reached this limit as yet. However, if we did, we could overcome this with the new Datapath Fx4, which we have recently used for one of our Fulldome projects [immersive 360° multimedia] in the UK.”

Front Pictures Mercedes Event

Front Pictures not only uses Datapath display controllers but also capture cards in the company’s VisionDVI-DL and VisionSC-DP2 series to provide smooth integration with external video devices.

“Moving forward, we will definitely continue using Datapath hardware to provide our clients with even more extreme and reliable media solutions,” concludes Irina.