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2023 End of year message from CEO Bjorn Krylander

Dear Customers and Partners,

We’re almost at the end of 2023, and we’re in festive mode at Datapath for many reasons. Whilst I like Christmas, and a good New Years Party as much as the next person, the main reason is really the progress we’re making with Aetria. Now sold on six continents, in 20 countries and counting, and for just about every application we can think off. We’ve worked with partners to expand the number of showrooms where Aetria can be demonstrated live, and we’re live in ten locations, from Tokyo to Atlanta, and from Derby to Dubai, and more coming.

Our R&D team has continued to innovate with new key product launches in 2023, such as the new VSN V3, our ActiveSQX2 made its successful debut after many delays, the Aligo range has been expanded with the TX100 transmitter and much more. Looking into 2024, I feel confident the new innovations we will bring to market at ISE 24 and later will not disappoint. The best is yet to come.

I’m sure 2024 will bring new challenges, the markets are uncertain, the geopolitics of the world is frightful, but despite this I’m more confident than ever that next year will be a good year for Datapath, and not at least because of the efforts of our partners and customers around the world. Many thanks for all your feedback, your custom, and making us a better company!

As the Holiday Season begins, we will be taking a break to rest and some time with family and friends. I hope you all have the same opportunity.

Until the new year, our best and warmest wishes for a great 2024.

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