Infocomm India

Infocomm India is a strategic move for Datapath, especially as we will be showcase Aetria. Infocomm India is a prominent trade show in the audiovisual industry, attracting professionals and businesses from across the region. By presenting Aetria at this event, Datapath aims to capture the attention of industry stakeholders, including AV integrators, consultants, end-users, and technology enthusiasts.

The Pro AV market in India is witnessing rapid growth, driven by advancements in technology and increasing demand for sophisticated AV solutions across various sectors such as corporate, government, education, and entertainment. Datapath’s presence at Infocomm India provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of Aetria in addressing the evolving needs of control room environments.

By showcasing Aetria at Infocomm India, Datapath can engage with potential customers, forge partnerships with key players in the industry, and establish itself as a leading provider of innovative AV solutions. This participation underscores Datapath’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Indian market and catering to the specific requirements of customers in the region.

Registration details to follow.