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Five considerations when choosing your control room solutions provider

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The control room solutions of today are far more advanced and intricate than ten years ago, when the traditional large video wall looked out across individual workstations, with information collated to view on the large, single canvas.

Today, the number of sources and feeds coming into a control room is likely to be dozens, if not hundreds. Add the need to manage and share this content to the right people, across numerous displays and workstations (or even locations) and the challenges become very real. It’s crucial to ensure that you consider a few factors when choosing your control room solutions provider. Some significant considerations are highlighted below.

Essential planning and design

Control rooms are complex environments and it shouldn’t be underestimated how vital it is to ensure sufficient planning and preparation is needed in order to function effectively. Datapath’s Aetria and its dedicated design software, Aetria Designer, makes it easy to create system designs at any time, from anywhere.


The size and nature of any given control room operation will vary, and solutions that are used cannot be rigid and must have the capabilities to add input sources. Aetria is Datapath’s integrated solution for the design, management and operation of control rooms of any size.

Reliability for continuous monitoring

A solution must have a fail-safe supply that delivers around the clock. Visual data has to be sent and received, in real time in an entirely efficient way to ensure operations can run continuously. Solutions need to balance managing the increasing quantities of sources, content and data, with maintaining total reliability and usability for the operator.

Control Room Solution in practise for street view


Operators need a solution which enables the flexibility to view multiple sources on their local workstation screens. Decisions within a control room environment need to be made in real-time. Aetria Workstation allows operators to display any combination of sources available in Aetria alongside their main desktop and local applications.

User interface

Aetria possesses a highly intuitive user interface, Aetria Command Center, which enables control room operators to design, manage and operate from their workstation. This means that operators can focus on their core objectives, rather than how to make the technology work, which is particularly essential in mission critical environments.

For more information about Aetria, please view here or contact our expert team below.