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How has technology changed in control rooms

How has technology changed in control rooms?

The control rooms of today are far more advanced and intricate than ten years ago, when the traditional large video wall looked out across individual workstations, with information collated to view on the large, single canvas.

Being able to transform any video wall display, instantly, for different emergency situations is now standard practice in many mission-critical and emergency control rooms.

Today’s technology means that system integrators and operators are no longer limited to the constraints of matrix switches, with networked systems bringing a level of flexibility not previously seen.

What are the current challenges in control rooms?

The best decisions are based on the best data – with the challenges of the past two years demonstrating how vital it is to collate and share accurate information. Critical decisions are based on information available, so it makes absolute sense to make these decisions with as much relevant information as possible, whether that’s from camera feeds, news sources or other dedicated information sources.

The number of sources and feeds coming into a control room is likely to be dozens, if not hundreds. Add the need to manage and share this content to the right people, across numerous displays and workstations (or even locations) and the challenges become very real.

Aetria Control Room

How does Aetria help?

To meet the needs for the growing complexity in Control Room environments, Datapath has brought to market a platform that is as suitable for modest control rooms as it is to large, multi-source and multi-site organizations – able to design, manage and monitor entire systems from a single interface.

Named Aetria, this platform provides a central interface for all configuration and control, bringing numerous benefits to efficiency, reliability, and the ability for full and fluid collaboration.

Datapath’s hardware and software is used a wide range of applications across the world, such as Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities & Higher Education. and in businesses both large and small, in every continent.

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