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WallControl-red Software

WallControl-red is a software application for controlling Vision, IP-Camera and third-party application windows on Datapath wall controller machines. It provides a graphical representation of the data wall and a toolbar through which to manipulate all available sources and applications. WallControl-red can be used to interactively open, move, size and position any window on either the local machine or a remote network client machine.

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WallControl-red also has the following qualities:

  • Control of Vision windows
  • Control of standard Windows® application programs
  • Can be operated remotely on any PC via a network connection
  • Screen ordering utility
  • Mosaic configuration utility
  • Save and re-call layout templates
  • Supports Crestron controllers
  • Command line interface for customer applications
  • Datapath WallControl-red video wall software is now available in the following languages - English (UK & USA), French, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese

Key Qualities of the WallControl-red Software:

Vision and IP-Camera Window Control
Control of Vision and IP-Camera windows on the data wall.


Third-party Application Control
Control of third-party applications, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Rich user interface experience
Control of individual window properties, including: size, cropping*, borders and title bar.


On Screen Display (OSD)
Highly configurable OSD to overlay text and bitmaps* over Vision and IP-Camera windows.


Remote Control over the Network
Can be operated remotely on any PC via a local network connection.

Layout File Support
Save and recall sets of specific window configurations by saving into layout files.


Command Line Interface
Powerful Command Line Interface to automate almost any operation.


RS-232 and TELNET support for Crestron/AMX Controllers
Remote Command Line Interface for automation via Crestron/AMX Controllers.


Extensive Language Support
Including: French, Spanish, German, English (UK), English (US), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Polish, Dutch and Russian.


Audio Support
Ability to control audio content for Vision windows.

Carousel Support Automatically cycle through lists of different input for Vision and IP-Camera windows.


Guide and Grid Functionality to Accurately Position Windows
User configurable grid, guide and snap sensitivity to accurately position windows on the data wall. This allows pixel perfect positioning of windows on the data wall.

Data Wall Screen Order Configuration
Visually re-order the screens on the data wall without the need to swap any cables.


Pause and Resume
Pause and resume the captures for Vision windows.

Wall Monitor Utility
Monitor the temperature and voltage of Datapath hardware.


USB dongle licensing system
Access to advanced features of WallControl-red.


Software reliability
High reassurance for software reliability.


Speed and accuracy of support
Accessibility to technical engineering knowledge.


*Feature may not be available for all types of windows.

Models Available of WallControl-red Software:

Ordering WallControl-red

When ordering WallControl-red multi monitor software for IP video support, a Datapath IP Server software licence is also required for each render PC. Wall Control-red multi monitor software is supplied with a red USB key (dongle) which is pre-programmed to enable the IP Server software.The type of dongle you order will depend on the number of IP server licences you require.


Order Details

ProductName/Order Code Description
WallControl-red Software license including dongle
WallControl-red-IP Software add on license for Render Station and IP camera support

*WallControl-red IP requires WallControl-red to be installed.


All products are shipped with the latest software available, unless stated otherwise. Special requirements may be organised by contacting our Sales team.

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WallControl-red help guide documents

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WallControl-red software

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Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.


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