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Casinos and Sportsbooks

Video walls have become a popular feature in modern casinos and sportsbooks, revolutionizing the way visitors engage with the gaming environment. These large displays, consisting of multiple screens seamlessly joined together, create an immersive and captivating visual experience. 

One of the primary benefits of video walls in casinos is their ability to attract attention and create a sense of excitement on the gaming floor. The high-resolution displays showcase dynamic content such as promotions, live sports events, and betting information, enticing visitors and encouraging them to explore different areas of the casino. 

Moreover, video walls can be strategically placed throughout the casino to provide valuable information and enhance visitor navigation. For example, they can display floor maps, directions to various amenities, or upcoming events, enabling visitors to easily find their way around and make the most of their time on the premises. 

Aetria The Control Room Solution

Datapath have solutions ideal for controlling content across the whole establishment. From a single display to a large multiple video wall and display installation, with the ability to share and control any content on any screen at any time. Behind the scenes, Datapath’s Aetria solution can also be used to aide security and surveillance operations, for monitoring employee and customer safety, and the gaming experiences and attractions. For the ultimate in proven, multi-content video management, you can bet on Datapath.

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