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Video walls have become increasingly popular in corporate settings due to their ability to create impactful and engaging visual displays. These walls are usually composed of multiple individual panels and are widely used in various applications such as conference rooms, lobbies, and communal spaces. 

Video walls in meeting rooms can result in more effective team collaboration, where the screens facilitate real-time sharing of information, data visualization, and enable participants to view content simultaneously, resulting in improved decision-making. 

Furthermore, video walls are highly versatile in terms of configuration and display options. They can be mounted in different orientations and sizes to fit any space, making them adaptable to diverse corporate environments.

Aetria The Control Room Solution

Datapath have solutions ideal for controlling content across the whole establishment. From a single display to a large multiple video wall and display installation, with the ability to share and control any content on any screen at any time. Behind the scenes, Datapath’s Aetria solution can also be used to aide security and surveillance operations, for monitoring employee and visitor safety.

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