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National Defense Centers

The ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to threats in real-time is a critical requirement for safeguarding a nation’s security. At the heart of this capability lies the National Defense center—a technologically advanced hub where information is assembled, and critical decisions are made.

Efficient communication and collaboration are key to effective National Defense. Datapath’s control room solution, Aetria, enables seamless coordination and equips operators with the tools then need to excel in their vital roles. The Aetria Workstation solution offers operators a ‘personal video wall’ in which they’re able to unify information sources monitor multiple screens enhancing effective collaboration.

Aetria provides operators the ability to perform real-time information exchange, speedy assessment of the situation, and swift action and resolution.

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IRTS Military Command and Control

Pea River Electric Alabama Control Room

Air Liquide Control Room

National Space Center


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