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Mining Control Center

Control centers sit as the focal point of any mining operation, and contain numerous monitors and switches which collect, record and relay significant amounts of information from the work site, the location of transportation and machinery, as well as perimeter security and the mine’s own activities.

Operators are responsible for overseeing complex processes, ensuring the safety of the workforce and maintaining the efficiency of the operation. Datapath’s control room solution Aetria, provides operators with simple, real-time monitoring and control of information, so that they can focus on delivering their primary objectives.

Enhanced situational awareness

Enhanced situational awareness ultimately contributes to safer, more productive, and sustainable mining operations.

Through Aetria’s centralized approach, all information systems are accessible on any workstation or video wall. This enables operators to monitor important real-time information across the entire mining operation, including equipment status, environmental conditions, and personnel locations.

The flexibility provided by Aetria’s control room solution allows for the display of all types of systems such as networks, security, IP cameras on site, drones or perimeter, GPS tracking, data and dashboards, real time graphics and any other video source that can be customized to any of the screens in one or more control rooms.

Collaboration and control

The ability to share and collaborate within large scale environments is essential for coordinating tasks, responding to emergencies, and ensuring safe and efficient operations.

In many cases, it is required that information from different operations on different networks can be made available to the key people in the control rooms, ensuring that security is maintained by keeping data networks separate from video networks.  Aetria not only ensures this but offers tools that allow to create user administration and user profiles.

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