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Manufacturing Control Centers

Manufacturers constantly seek ways to optimize processes, reduce downtime, and maximize output. Alongside other advancements in industrial technology, control rooms are crucial hubs for monitoring and managing complex manufacturing processes and operations.

For an effective operation, control room operators require high quality content in real-time for monitoring, with the visualization tools to enable swift collaboration and decision-making when issues occur.

Aetria, Datapath’s centralized control room solution, is developed specifically for industrial applications, making it perfect for monitoring production and manufacturing processes of any size and complexity. Operators can now find it easier to manage all content through their own multi-screen canvas, in which they’re presented with an intuitive interface for both examining and controlling information.

Quality, quantity and a variety of data sources

Often, manufacturing control rooms are located away from production due to being hazardous environments, so a real-time shared situational overview is needed across the entire operational view.

With Aetria, operators are in the best possible position to visualize their main and peripheral view which includes the monitoring of SCADA data, including machinery and equipment temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors on shared across all control room monitors.

Making it easier for the operator

It’s essential for any operator to have full visibility of all activity across the production process, with operators now able to browse an intuitive interface for monitoring and controlling data sources. Templates and layouts allow operators to easily organize multiple data sources on their desktop, alongside any third-party applications.

All from their own workspace, an operator has access to all analytics and insight then need to aid process optimization. Any operational issues or inefficiencies can be identified immediately, resulting in better resource allocation and increased productivity.


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