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Traffic Management Control Centers

At the center of traffic management operations lay control rooms, the nerve centers that integrate technology, data, and human expertise to monitor, analyze, and optimize traffic flow.

Control rooms bring together real-time data from various information systems, such as traffic sensors, cameras, and intelligent transportation systems. Highly trained personnel, including traffic engineers, operators, and analysts, utilize this data to make informed decisions and implement strategies to maintain smooth and safe transportation systems by alleviating congestion, minimizing delays, and enhancing overall traffic efficiency.

Datapath’s control room solution, Aetria, includes a unified interface that enables access to hundreds of data and control systems for constant monitoring and collaboration across an operator’s entire operational view. Accurate and clear visual data is presented, enabling swift issue identification and response.

Aetria Control Room Solution for Highways and Street Networks:

Aetria equips traffic management control room teams with the tools they need to handle the broad range of tasks, risks and issues across the whole operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Increase Resilience 24/7/365

Road networks need be monitored on a 24/7 basis, using a variety of tools including CCTV, traffic and congestion data, and weather condition detectors. These data sources need bringing into the control room environment, on video walls and operator workstations to provide operators with a common operation picture.

Aetria’s unified interface can ingest hundreds of sources, which can be categorized, and displayed on operator screens and video walls for constant monitoring and collaboration. For example, to adjust for winter conditions, using Aetria to combine weather forecasting technology and temperature monitoring software can help operators determine the optimal time to deploy sanders, and grit and salt spreaders.


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