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Transmission Control Centers

A control room operator in a transmission control center (TCC) plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing the operation of an electrical power transmission system. Their responsibilities are essential for ensuring the safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of electricity from power generation sources to distribution networks.

Control Room Operators need access to a wide range of information to deal with daily supply and demand fluctuations, energy storage and production, as well as other external factors affecting operations to keep homes and business running 24/7.

Datapath’s control room solution, Aetria, provides operators with a powerful solution, enabling them to access and control any remote information system, and share content to a central multi-screen canvas for wider collaboration.

Operators are able to consolidate all the information they need on their own personal video wall, allowing the access of multiple information systems across a single or multiple screens, with control using a single keyboard and mouse.

Aetria, The Control Room Solution for Transmission Control Centers

Real-time monitoring and collaboration

Aetria provides operators with real-time data and visuals of the entire transmission network. This allows operators to monitor the status of power lines, data transmission, or other critical infrastructure components as they operate, ensuring that everything is functioning as expected. Instant view of this data through Aetria’s interface allows operators to act upon any potential issues and share information to a larger central video wall for wider team collaboration.

Combining data sources

To effectively monitor and control the grid, transmission control centers rely on a variety of data sources, both internal and external. Aetria provides a centralized interface to manage and control the complete network, which is often hundreds of data sources, such as SCADA, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Phasor Measurements Units (PMUs) software.

By combining all of these data sources through one integrated solution, Aetria enables operators to monitor, control, and optimize the electrical grid, ensuring reliable power delivery to consumers while maintaining stability and security.

Full operator control with one keyboard and mouse

Aetria allows operators to remotely control various devices and equipment in the transmission network, such as circuit breakers, switches, and transformers, using a single keyboard and mouse. This  helps improve situational awareness, reduces clutter, and contributes to a safe and efficient operation within the TCC.

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