Meet our people – Keven Yue, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager for Western USA

Keven Yue
Keven Yue is our Senior Sales and Business Development Manager for Western USA. In a year of unprecedented challenges, he has faced rampant wild fires, earthquakes, flooding, in the backyard of his hometown and, of course, a global pandemic, yet is still smiling as he plays a key role in Datapath’s continued US growth. Here, we discover more…
We know that millions across the globe have faced their fair share of challenges this past year, but your story is extraordinary. How has life been this past 18 months?
The challenges have humbled me and given new perspective. My life with good health, a family with a strong support system, and working for a great company with awesome teammates is all someone can ask for. I’m truly thankful.
And how has this affected business?
My territory (California and Western US), as well as the world, had been greatly affected. During the peak of the pandemic business had come to a near stand-still. Closed offices or distancing & masks, and fear was rampant. Delayed or cancelled projects became the norm. However, a vast majority of my customers are now returning to business. We are all survivors. In the last couple of months, business and projects are coming back and it’s great to see.
You’ve clearly had some terrific results with Datapath throughout the region, is there any project that stands out?
The exciting part of my function is Datapath is we are often the best-of-class solution in a wide dispersion of vertical markets and applications. At one end-user’s 12-story headquarters building, we installed 12 processors in the EBC on every floor. There also was the large casino that wanted Datapath to drive over 100 LCD screens with sports and wager content. Additionally, my customers have done some confidential Control Rooms. So from ‘collaboration’ to ‘sportsbooks’ to ‘control rooms’ Datapath has many successful implementations.
Away from work, how do you like to fill your spare time?
I love to have family dinners with my wife and kids, play basketball & swim, watch documentaries, and visiting clubs with live music.
And something that people may not know about you?
I play guitar and bass in some local bands. We play Hawaiian, Rock & Roll, and Funk!