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New technology partnership offers enterprise collaboration via touch

Datapath, world-leading engineers of visual solutions, is teaming up with Layer Logic Inc. to deliver specific solutions to enterprise collaboration environments using video walls with touch technology. Now, corporate teams have the power to interact with and control large-format video walls using all of the software applications they already own.

In terms of system configuration, Datapath controllers such as the VSN 450 and the brand new single-box iolite 600 offer an advanced video processor platform targeted at the collaboration marketplace. This is supported by a growing list of the leading visualisation software vendors, which now includes Layer Logic. “We are very excited that Layer Logic has chosen to optimize their Atlas software on Datapath’s video wall controller platform”, said Darin Crosby VP of Global Sales at Datapath, “It further extends the power of our VSN and iolite controllers by providing incredibly intuitive collaboration functionality to our customers. This new partnership again validates and extends our core strategy – The VSNs and iolites are not just video wall controllers, but the most advanced wall-controller-platform in the industry.”

The new iolite systems are small, stylish wall controllers that can be combined with up to six of Datapath’s Vision, decode and graphics cards to offer a flexible blend of inputs, outputs and SQX IP streams. Highly visual video wall displays can be created using 4k or HD outputs, depending on application requirements.

Collaboration is the key term here. Using a Datapath video wall controller such as iolite in tandem with Layer Logic’s Atlas multi-touch software makes it possible for several people to use the video wall simultaneously, interacting with and controlling multiple sources of content. The Datapath controller combines video from its input sources onto a digital canvas. Video sources are devices like Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Blu-ray players, cameras and more.

The new Datapath and Layer Logic partnership adds value not only to new enterprise collaboration efforts, but also existing command-and-control clients building huddle rooms and other distributed visualisation needs, perhaps in sectors such as prestige digital signage and high-end retail signage. Rich Reiss, CEO of Layer Logic says “We are thrilled to be working with Datapath and its excellent video wall controllers. Pro AV resellers, consultants or system integrators serving these markets will now be able to offer a solution that both empowers users and inspires collaboration.”

For IT technicians, the configuration could not be simpler. Layer Logic supports large video walls with touch overlay hardware and commercial monitors with built-in touch technology. Users can connect and interact with content using familiar touch gestures. It is possible to show and hide sources, recall presets and adjust the position and size of sources – all on demand using touch. Anyone can start using the system in minutes.

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